Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plumbing Issues

4 months ago, we had renovated our house. It took 2 consecutive months before we saw the actual results. It is quite irritating at first but as soon as we saw the outcome, we are very pleased and we realized that we did the right choice to renovate the house. Well, we faced some issues after the renovation like the wiring issues. The phone lines went down because of some wiring issues caused by the renovation. We also had some problem with the pipes. All of the sudden, the water shower is not working well, as in no water coming out from it. We suspect that maybe it has something to deal with the renovation, so we contact a plumber to fix it for us. However, it took him how many days before finding out the real cause. If we just hired someone like the plumber lake oswego, Oregon has, this issue will definitely be resolved in no time.

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