Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Favorite Casino Games

I really love playing Casino games and in fact, i have some downloaded games on my computer at my Office. I used to play them every break. They are very effective tool to keep me away from getting bored and from being too much stressed because of the heavy work loads. We do not have Internet Connection at the office and we are not allowed to do some online activities while we are at work. But i was able to manage to download some games on my PC through my USB haha. Anyway, here are the games that i really love to play at the office. I took some snapshots of it.
Well, i don't know if Mahjong is considered as one of Casino gambling games but i have this game on my PC and i enjoyed playing it. It's just a simple match playing game with a twist. You just have to remove all the tiles with a pair. The tiles should be side edge free and there should be no tiles over it. Kinda complicated at first but you can get used to it as long as you play it continously.

If you know the typical solitaire card game, then try Vegas Solitaire. Instead of drawing three cards at a time, you can draw one card at a time here. But the you can never turn those cards back to the deck again. Somehow challenging eh?

Probably the king of all the card games. Blackjack is one of my favorite, It will measure how good you are in making critical and wise decision whether you stand on your card or not.

The simplest and the coolest Casino games of all. I really love Slot Machine games! It is very easy and it doesn't require any skills or techniques in order for you to win.

Well, it could be more challenging if you play online casinos. it offers more excitement and fun knowing that you will be dealing with real online players and you will feel that you're playing the actual casino games even thought you're only facing your computer.

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Anonymous said...

Yes sir, mahjong is considered as a gambling game. In fact some online casinos have this kind of game. Up to now, there are lots of gamblers who favor this game since its an old time favorite especially the Asian.

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