Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indoor Fun Activity

It's been raining outside since last week and it seems that the weather is not so cooperating lately. We have so many plans and almost all of them were postponed because of this stupid weather condition. Well, i guess we have no choice but to stay inside our house til weather gets fine. I know it's kinda boring. We have watched almost all the DVD's we have at home and watching them over and over again irritates my eyes. Good thing mom cooks good dishes and she can do a lot of stuffs even the food stocks that we have is not enough for her recipes. She's fond of experimenting different kinds of dishes and thanks God, most of them turns out really really good.
Anyway, i know we can do something to keep ourselves busy despite of this unwanted weather outside. I did some research awhile ago about different indoor fun activities. One of the most interesting so far is the treasure hunting game. I'm sure Milzon and Mirasol will enjoy this game so as ours. Well, i better start gathering our materials. I will make this pretty hard for the two kids hahaha. Giving some challenges would be great. I even searched for some treasure hunt ideas online to make this activity more adventurous and exciting. I know we have Captain and pirates costumes in our closet...
That's all for now guys, I have to search for that costume first. Will be back later! See yah!

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