Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Lesson From Mom.

House cleaning is probably the most time consuming task of all. Well, it is like a regular routine already and you have no choice but to deal with it despite of your busy working schedule. Of course, you cannot concentrate to your work if your workplace is kinda messy right? Same thing goes with your bedroom, you cannot sleep if your room is like a disaster. For my mom, having a messy room is like a nightmare. Good thing she taught us how to become responsible and how to become neat in all our things. I remember when we were kids, mom used to list down all the house chores and then she will assign each task to each of us. She even give us date and give us daily rotations.
This, helped us to become responsible and taught us how to become independent. But of course, things are not like before. My brother and i both have work while my sister is busy for her school. Mom used to do all the house chores alone and we do not want that scenario to continue. I encourage my brother to get something like that House Cleaning Vancouver WA service to help our mom. It is time for us to pay back. My mom deserves a rest and we're all planning to take her to mall this weekend!

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