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The original title of the song is Brandy. "Brandy" is a 1971 hit for songwriters Scott English and Richard Kerr. It reached number 12 in the UK Singles Charts, but the fast-tempo version was a flop in the United States. In 1974, recorded by Barry Manilow as "Mandy", the song was Manilow's first number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and Easy Listening charts, and his first gold single.The suggestion that Scott English wrote the song about a favorite dog is apparently an urban legend. English has said that a reporter called him early one morning asking who "Brandy" was, and an irritated English made up the "dog" story to get the reporter off his back.In the three years between English's 1971 recording and Manilow's, Looking Glass had a hit song with "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" in 1972. Therefore, to avoid confusion, when Manilow decided to make his record, he changed the title to "Mandy". It was Clive Davis who suggested that Manilow record the song. Manilow originally recorded it as an up-tempo bubblegum pop tune similar to English's original, but he and the producer reportedly hated the way it turned out; thus, he sang it as a ballad and was much more pleased with the results. It was Manilow's first hit single and the first song on Clive Davis' Arista Records label (formerly Bell Records) to hit the Billboard Hot 100.

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"Tell Laura I Love Her," a teenage tragedy song written by Jeff Barry and Ben Raleigh, was an American Top Ten popular music hit for singer Ray Peterson in 1960 on RCA Victor Records, reaching #7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Later that same year, the song was recorded and released by Ricky Valance in the United Kingdom, where it went all the way to the #1 spot in the UK Singles Chart. "Tell Laura I Love Her" has been a hit in 14 countries, and has sold over seven million copies."Tell Laura I Love Her" is the tragic story of a teenage boy named Tommy who is desperately in love with a girl named Laura. Although they are only teenagers, he wants to marry her, so he enters a racing car championship, planning to use the prize money to buy Laura a wedding ring if he wins. The second verse tells the mysterious story of how the boy's car overturned after being t-boned at a roundabout and burst into flames - no-one knows why - and the boy was killed, his last words being "Tell Laura I love her...my love for her will never die". In the final verse, Laura prays inside the chapel, where an organ plays, and she can still hear Tommys voice exclaiming the title song one more time, before it fades out.

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"Hey Jude" is a song by the English rock band The Beatles. Credited to Lennon/McCartney, the ballad evolved from "Hey Jules", a song Paul McCartney wrote to comfort John Lennon's son Julian during his parents' divorce. "Hey Jude" begins with a verse-bridge structure based around McCartney's vocal performance and piano accompaniment; further details are added as the song progresses to distinguish sections. After the fourth verse, the song shifts to a fade-out coda that lasts for more than four minutes. In 1968, John Lennon and his wife Cynthia Lennon separated due to the former's affair with Yoko Ono. Soon afterwards, Paul McCartney drove out to visit Cynthia and Julian, her son with Lennon. "We'd been very good friends for millions of years and I thought it was a bit much for them suddenly to be personae non gratae and out of my life," McCartney said. Cynthia Lennon recalled, "I was truly surprised when, one afternoon, Paul arrived on his own. I was touched by his obvious concern for our welfare.... On the journey down he composed 'Hey Jude' in the car. I will never forget Paul's gesture of care and concern in coming to see us." The song's original title was "Hey Jules", and it was intended to comfort Julian Lennon from the stress of his parents' divorce. McCartney said, "I started with the idea 'Hey Jules', which was Julian, don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better. Hey, try and deal with this terrible thing. I knew it was not going to be easy for him. I always feel sorry for kids in divorces ... I had the idea [for the song] by the time I got there. I changed it to 'Jude' because I thought that sounded a bit better." Julian Lennon discovered the song had been written for him almost twenty years later. He remembered being closer to McCartney than to his father: "Paul and I used to hang about quite a bit—more than Dad and I did. We had a great friendship going and there seems to be far more pictures of me and Paul playing together at that age than there are pictures of me and my dad." Other people believed McCartney wrote the song about them, including Judith Simons, a journalist with the Daily Express. Still others, including John Lennon, have speculated that McCartney's failing long-term relationship with Jane Asher when he wrote "Hey Jude" was an unconscious "message to himself". In fact, when Lennon mentioned that he thought the song was about him, McCartney denied it, and told Lennon he had written the song about himself. McCartney changed the title to "Hey Jude" because the name Jude was easier to sing. Much as he did with "Yesterday", McCartney played the song for other musicians and friends. Ron Griffith of Badfinger, the first band to join the Beatles-owned record label Apple Records, recalled that on their first day in the studio, "Paul walked over to the grand piano and said, 'Hey lads, have a listen', and he sat down and gave us a full concert rendition of 'Hey Jude'. We were gobsmacked."

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American Idol Season 9 ~ Top 10

Sorry guys if i failed to give you the latest update of American Idol Last week. but then let me have a short recap of the previous 2 weeks. In the round 12 of competition, Idols paid tribute to Rolling Stone band. Unfortunately Lacey Brown failed to make it to the next round. In Round 11, have to choose Billboard top charter song where Paige Miles was eliminated.

(Paige Miles and Lacey Brown)

Tonight, the remaining 10 idol hopefuls will set the stage for an R&B medley.

The remaining Top 10 are Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynche, Tim Urban, Lee Dewyze, Katie Stevens, Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersox, Casey James Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly.

NCAA Final Four: Who's Your Bet?

I haven’t been involved in any kind of sports. Maybe I wasn’t too lucky when it comes to this kind of field. I never have been a player or a member of our Varsity in school. However, even I never played any sports in actual, I can consider my self as a certified sports fan especially when it comes to Basketball. Basketball is Philippines most common sports and I’ve been an avid fan since I was a kid. I remember me and my dad watching PBA live (PBA stands for Philippine Basketball Association, Philippine’s version of NBA). Before the battle begins, we’re both placing our bet first. Believe me or not, I always won over my Dad!
Since we are talking about basketball already, I know for sure that you are all aware about the NCAA March Madness right? It began on March 16. What is special in NCAA March Madness is that 65 schools will be competing to each other in a single elimination tournament to determine the national champion of the NCAA College Division. There will be four regional sites namely; East Regional, West Regional, Midwest Regional and South Regional. There will be 16 teams per region. Each team will be competing to each other until they got one regional winner. Each Regional Winner will be advancing to the Final Four Battle which will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.
I am now jumping in excitement in the Upcoming Final Four which will begin on April 3. The four regional Winners namely; Michigan State, Butler, West Virginia, and Duke will be competing until one team will be crowned as NCAA Division I Champion! My Uncle James is too lucky because he can watch the Final Four Battle Live! He’s residing on Evansville, Indiana so I’m not surprised why he can watch it live knowing that the Final Four Battle will be held in that State. Even though I can’t watch it live, I can still feel the excitement and that is by participating in some sport betting sites. However, I have to be very careful in choosing a sport betting sites knowing that I will be dealing with real money here. You don’t want to waste your sports bets by participating in an untrusted site right? To avoid being scammed, I recommend you to visit SportsBettingSpot.com. It provides a list of world’s top Sports betting sites. I think I have to start placing my bet now! I am placing my bet for Duke’s team, how about you? Place your bet now!

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"Don't Cry Joni" is Twitty's duet with his then 16-year-old daughter, Joni Lee Jenkins. According to country music writer Tom Roland, Joni Lee had wanted — after years of resistance — to become an entertainer, and her father decided that allowing her to duet with him on the song (which he had written years earlier) might provide some encouragement.

The song's plot is about a 15-year-old girl (Joni, sung by Joni Lee) who develops a crush on a 22-year-old neighbor of her family (Jimmy, of which part was sung by the elder Twitty). Despite Joni begging in a love letter to Jimmy to "please say you'll wait for me" so that they may someday get married, and pleading fidelity in the meantime ("Saving all my kisses just for you, signed with love forever true"), Jimmy goes over to Joni's house to explain their age differences and that he needs to find a suitable wife now. Joni is brought to tears with this realization.Later in the song, Jimmy moves away and tries to find the woman of his dreams, but Joni's words ("Jimmy please say you'll wait for me, I'll grow up someday you'll see") are burned into his mind. Five years pass, and Jimmy realizes that Joni — although seven years his junior — may be the girl he was looking for all along. Jimmy decides to go back to his hometown, look up Joni and try to start a relationship ... only to realize his own heartbreak: Joni has married Jimmy's best friend, John.

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Insurance Quotes

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"Vincent" is a song by Don McLean written as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. It is also known by its opening line, "Starry Starry Night", a reference to van Gogh's painting The Starry Night. The song also describes different paintings done by the artist. McLean wrote the lyrics in 1971 after reading a book about the life of the artist. The following year, the song became the number one hit in the U.K. and No. 12 in the U.S. The song clearly demonstrates a deep-seated admiration for not only the work of van Gogh, but also for the man himself. The song includes references to his landscape works, in lines such as "sketch the trees and the daffodils" and "morning fields of amber grain" - which describe the amber wheat that features in several paintings. There are also several lines that may allude to van Gogh's self-portraits: perhaps in "weathered faces lined in pain / are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand", McLean is suggesting that van Gogh may have found some sort of consolation in creating portraits of himself. There is, too, a single line describing van Gogh's most famous set of works, Sunflowers. "Flaming flowers that brightly blaze" not only draws on the luminous orange and yellow colours of the painting, but also creates powerful images of the sun itself, flaming and blazing, being contained within the flowers and the painting. In the first two choruses, McLean pays tribute to van Gogh by reflecting on his lack of recognition: "They would not listen / they did not know how / perhaps they'll listen now." In the final Chorus, McLean says "They would not listen / They're not listening still / Perhaps they never will." This is the story of van Gogh: unrecognised as an artist until after his death. The lyrics suggest that van Gogh was trying to "set [people] free" with the message in his work. McLean feels that this message was made clear to him: "And now I understand what you tried to say to me," he sings. Perhaps it is this eventual understanding that inspired McLean to write the song. It is also thought that the song intends to portray van Gogh's tough relationship with his family. They were a wealthy family who did not accept him for his bipolar disorder ("for they could not love you") and never understood his will to help the poor. It is thought that van Gogh felt that in killing himself he would make the point to his parents. This is seen in the line "Perhaps they'll listen now." There are also references to van Gogh's sanity and his suicide. Throughout his life, van Gogh was plagued with mental disorders, particularly depression. He "suffered for [his] sanity" and eventually "took [his] life, as lovers often do." Another theory is that the lines refer to van Gogh's relationship with Paul Gauguin, with whom he had, as with many others, a complex sort of relationship, which was so intense as to lead Van Gogh to think it rational to cut off a part of his left earlobe as a sign of cutting Gauguin out of his life and heart. That led Gauguin, who had also had severe bouts of depression and suicidal tendencies, to distance himself from van Gogh, tumbling the already troubled artist into a schizophrenic depression, the theoretical straw that broke the camel's back.

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Car Insurance

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Doctor Jones is a song by Danish dance-pop group Aqua, released as the band's fifth single overall, and the second UK release. The single is their second United Kingdom number one. The follow-up to their most successful song "Barbie Girl" in many places, "Doctor Jones" was a similarly pop-oriented hit which sold well across the globe and ended the assumptions that Aqua would be a one-hit wonder. The music video implies the song is based around the Indiana Jones character from the film trilogy of the same name, with René Dif playing Jones and rescuing his fellow band members from a stereotypical voodoo tribe. The title logo is written in a similar form to that of the Indiana Jones logo. There is also a shot of airplane's flight path over a map, which is used in the film series. The lyric "Dr. Jones, wake up now" may also be a reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Short Round implores Indiana Jones to "wake up" after being brainwashed by the blood of Kālī Ma, or during a scene on an airplane when Willie Scott says, "Calling Dr. Jones, wake up!".

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"Daniel" was a major hit song by Elton John. It appeared on the 1973 album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player. It was written by John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin. Bernie Taupin wrote "Daniel" while inspired by the events of the Vietnam War. The lyrics (including a verse in the original draft that was cut from the final version) describe a fictional veteran who was blinded as a result of the war ("your eyes have died"/"but you see more than I") and travels to Spain to escape those around him back home ("do you still feel the pain"/"of the scars that won't heal?"), including his brother, from whose point of view the story is told. The story was about a guy that went back to a small town in Texas, returning from the Vietnam War. They'd lauded him when he came home and treated him like a hero. But, he just wanted to go home, go back to the farm, and try to get back to the life that he'd led before. I wanted to write something that was sympathetic to the people that came home.

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"Brother Louie" is a song about an interracial love affair. A competition between a man and his brother Louie. Brother Louie is Modern Talking's first single off the third album Ready for Romance. "Brother Louie" was released on February 3, 1986 and it peaked at No. 1 on March 3, 1986 in Germany. The single spent four weeks at the top and total of 17 weeks in the German single chart, it also charted high in UK peaking at No. 4 earning the duo a silver-award for selling over 250,000 units there. "Brother Louie" was certified silver also in France for selling over 250,000 units. It is the fourth consecutive single to top the German Single Chart, after "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "You Can Win If You Want" and "Cheri, Cheri Lady".

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"Ben" is a song written by Don Black and Walter Scharf and recorded by Michael Jackson for the Motown label in 1972. The theme song of 1972 the horror film Ben, it is a melancholy ballad to the film's title character, a killer rat – a choice critics have noted as singularly odd. It was initially released as a single, and later appeared as the title track to Ben, Jackson's second solo album. The song was Jackson's first number-one hit as a solo artist on the American pop charts, and also performed well overseas, reaching number one in Australia and number seven in the United Kingdom. Cover versions were later recorded by Marti Webb and Akon, and the original featured in the 2003 film Willard, a remake of the film to which Ben was a sequel. "Ben" won a Golden Globe for Best Song. It was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1973; Jackson performed the song in front of a live audience at the ceremony.

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Haeley Vaughn who made her own version of a Miley Cyrus song but failed to impress the judges
Michelle DeLamor who sang "With Arms Wide Open" which is her best performance so far, according to Kara
John Park who is the only Asian contender failed to impress the voters.
Jermaine Sellers, as what Simo Cowell is expecting to happen, ended up his Idol Journey.



Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami, Katelyn Epperly, Katie Stevens, Lacey Brown, Lilly Scott, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus

Aaron Kelly, Alex Lambert, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Lee DeWyze, Michael Lynche, Tim Urban, Todrick Hall


"Oh! Carol" refers to Sedaka's Brill Building compatriot and former girlfriend Carole King. King responded with her answer song, "Oh, Neil".
Sedaka wrote this for the songwriter Carole King, who was his high school girlfriend. They went to Abraham Lincoln High in Brooklyn, New York along with Neil Diamond.
After studying hit records in several countries, Sedaka incorporated common factors like a certain drum beat and the use of a girl's name. This was the result.

Lyrics | Sedaka Neil lyrics - Oh Carol lyrics


"Aubrey" is a song written by David Gates, and originally recorded by the Pop/Rock group Bread of which Gates was a member. It appeared on Bread's 1972 album Guitar Man. The single lasted 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 15.
The songs features no drumming but relies on various melodic resources such as orchestral strings, classical guitar and a music box. Lyrics talk about a short-lived love (referenced by "she had been mine for a day") for a girl called Aubrey and furthermore Gates' like for that name. It's regarded as one of Bread's most beautiful yet melancholic songs. The song was later recorded (1973) by Perry Como and released on his And I Love You So album of covered songs.

Lyrics | Bread lyrics - Aubrey lyrics


"Black Betty" is a 20th century African-American work song often credited to Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter as the author, though the earliest recordings are not by him. Some sources claim it is one of Lead Belly's many adaptations of earlier folk material. In 1977, the rock band Ram Jam — whose members included Bill Bartlett, formerly of Starstruck and The Lemon Pipers — rerecorded the song with producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz under Epic Records. The song became an instant hit with listeners, as it reached number 18 on the singles charts in the United States and the top ten in the UK and Australia. At the same time, the lyrics became the cause of a boycott by civil rights groups NAACP and Congress of Racial Equality, who claimed it insulted black women. The origin and meaning of the lyrics are subject to debate. Some sources claim the song is derived from an 18th century marching cadence about a flint-lock musket with a black painted stock; the "bam-ba-lam" lyric referring to the sound of the gunfire. Soldiers in the field were said to be "hugging Black Betty". In this interpretation, the musket was superseded by its "child", a musket with an unpainted walnut stock known as a "Brown Bess". The earliest meaning of "Black Betty" in the United States (from at least 1827) was a liquor bottle.

Lyrics | Ram Jam lyrics - Black Betty lyrics


"Annie's Song" is a song recorded and written by John Denver. (Although credited as "Words and Music by John Denver", the melody is actually based on the theme from the Second Movement of Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 5"). It was his second number one song in the USA, occupying that spot for two weeks in July 1974. It also went to number one in the UK, where it was Denver's only major hit single. "Annie's Song" was written as an ode to Denver's then-wife, Annie Denver (née Martell). Denver "wrote this song in about ten-and-a-half minutes one day on a ski lift" to the top of Bell Mountain in Aspen, Colorado, as the physical exhilaration of having "just skied down a very difficult run" and the feeling of total immersion in the beauty of the colors and sounds that filled all senses inspired him to think about his wife. The song has since become a wedding standard and an expression of love for many people, due to its grand imagery and the fact it could apply to anyone (Annie is not mentioned by name in any part of the song).

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"I Will Always Love You" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton in 1973. In 1992, singer Whitney Houston recorded the song for the soundtrack to The Bodyguard, her film debut. Houston was originally to record Jimmy Ruffin's "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" as the lead single from The Bodyguard. However, when it was discovered the song was to be used for Fried Green Tomatoes, Houston requested a different song and her co-star Kevin Costner brought her Linda Ronstadt's 1975 version of "I Will Always Love You" from her album Prisoner in Disguise. Houston and producer David Foster re-arranged the song as a soul ballad. Her record company did not feel a song with an a cappella introduction would be as successful; however, Houston and Costner insisted to maintain an a cappella intro. Whitney Houston's recording is not the only version of the song featured in the movie. In a scene where she dances with Kevin Costner, a version by John Doe can be heard playing on a jukebox. Houston's version was a massive worldwide success, selling over 15 million copies worldwide. It became a regular on countdown lists: appearing at number 8 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the Past 25 Years; number 4 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s and number 1 on VH1's 100 Greatest Love Songs. The song also lists at number 68 on Billboard's Greatest Songs of all time.

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