Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NCAA Final Four: Who's Your Bet?

I haven’t been involved in any kind of sports. Maybe I wasn’t too lucky when it comes to this kind of field. I never have been a player or a member of our Varsity in school. However, even I never played any sports in actual, I can consider my self as a certified sports fan especially when it comes to Basketball. Basketball is Philippines most common sports and I’ve been an avid fan since I was a kid. I remember me and my dad watching PBA live (PBA stands for Philippine Basketball Association, Philippine’s version of NBA). Before the battle begins, we’re both placing our bet first. Believe me or not, I always won over my Dad!
Since we are talking about basketball already, I know for sure that you are all aware about the NCAA March Madness right? It began on March 16. What is special in NCAA March Madness is that 65 schools will be competing to each other in a single elimination tournament to determine the national champion of the NCAA College Division. There will be four regional sites namely; East Regional, West Regional, Midwest Regional and South Regional. There will be 16 teams per region. Each team will be competing to each other until they got one regional winner. Each Regional Winner will be advancing to the Final Four Battle which will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.
I am now jumping in excitement in the Upcoming Final Four which will begin on April 3. The four regional Winners namely; Michigan State, Butler, West Virginia, and Duke will be competing until one team will be crowned as NCAA Division I Champion! My Uncle James is too lucky because he can watch the Final Four Battle Live! He’s residing on Evansville, Indiana so I’m not surprised why he can watch it live knowing that the Final Four Battle will be held in that State. Even though I can’t watch it live, I can still feel the excitement and that is by participating in some sport betting sites. However, I have to be very careful in choosing a sport betting sites knowing that I will be dealing with real money here. You don’t want to waste your sports bets by participating in an untrusted site right? To avoid being scammed, I recommend you to visit SportsBettingSpot.com. It provides a list of world’s top Sports betting sites. I think I have to start placing my bet now! I am placing my bet for Duke’s team, how about you? Place your bet now!

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