Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is The World Changing for Good or for Worst?

Is the World Changing for Good or for Worst?

World is changing and we've witnessed it from time to time

great advancement of technology are just one of those changes but have we open our mind to the negative sides of these changes?

"Oil prices turns to gold and almost everyone tries to stop its continuous rising but it wasnt work out that much"
oil prices

"Almost all Countries around the world releases their own campaign and all figthing for one reason...preventing Global Warming!!" sounds alerting right?fight global warming

"Unstoppable rising of the World's Population"

"Malnutrition in Africa is getting worst and worst everyday"AND MALNUTRITION

"it was said that the average lifespan of every people in the world will just reach the age of up to 50 to 6o's only"

"large percentage of our marine ecosystem is infected, toxicated and polluted"groooss

"the air that we inhale is not considerably 100% clean due to many pollutants dominated all over"
Polluted air...

"just a few percentage of the world's Forests are said to be virgins most was been destructed by illegal deeds and practices"
Deforestation Asia

"abnormal climate changes"Hurricanes due to changes in climate

"diminishing of many cultures, traditions and worlds conservativeness

well these conditions above are those changes we experienced today

what so sad is that even the technology itself contributes to these negative changes and help them to get more worst

most technological advancement are applied for heavy war equipments...

is it so sad that the technologies that gave us a lot of benefits can also killed our lives

so what do you think would happen to these conditions 20 years onwards?

do you think that these technological advancement can help or remedy these conditions?

now answer me is the world changing for good or for worst?

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