Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol 2012 ~ Top 12 Boys

And yeah, the heat is on once again as American Idol Season 11 Semi Finalists take the stage and battle it out for the grand prize. The finalists this year has different varieties with different races of different genres. I'm sure American Idol Season 11 has so many good things to offer.
Listed below are the Top 12 Male Semifinalists. Any bet so far?
1. Aaron Marcellus
2. Adam Brock
3. Chase Likens
4. Colton Dixom
5. Creighton Fraker
6. DeAndre Brackensick
7. Eben Frankewitz
8. Jeremy Rosado
9. Joshua Ledet
10. Philip Phillips
11. Read Grimm
12. Heejun Han

In addition to the Top 12 Boys listed above, American Idol will lend another spot for a wild card contender who will either be Jermaine Jones, Johnny Keyser, Richie Law, or David Leathers Jr.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Part Of Me Debuted Strongly , Adele Sets Another Record

Starting today, I will be listing down the Top ten Songs from Billboard Hot 100. I will be doing this once a week. I am not sure if i will be sticking on a certain theme this coming months but I'll try my best to update Song to Remember (maybe at least every other day or thrice a week). Anyway, We got a very interesting list for this week. Katy Perry dethroned Kelly Clarkson's Stronger by her newest single "Part of Me" in which she performed in the recently held 54th Grammy Awards.

Part of Me is the sixth single from her Teenage Dream album to reach the Number One in Billboard Hot 100 along side with "ET", "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream" and "Fireworks". "Part Of Me" has a different approach for me though compare to her previous hits.
Adele on the other reigns the TOP 10 list with 3 of her songs made it through. "Set Fire To The Rain" holds the number 2 slot. Same thing with "Rolling In the Deep" on the fifth slot and "Someone Like You" on the seventh spot which sets her a new record for being the first female artist to have 3 singles in Hot 100
The Late Whitney Houston proved that she's truly a legend in the music scene as her "I Will Always Love You" went up to the 3rd Slot of Billboard Hot 100.
Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" debuted strongly but went down to fourth spot after being dethroned by Katy Perry.
Listed below are the Top 10 Songs from Billboard Hot 100 as of February 26, 2012
1. Part of Me ~ Katy Perry
2. Set Fire To the Rain ~ Adele
3. I Will Always Love You ~ Whitney Houston
4.Stronger ~ Kelly Clarkson
5. Rolling In The Deep ~ Adele
6. We Are Young ~ Fun Feat. Janelle Monae
7. Someone Like You ~ Adele
8. We Found Love ~ Rihanna
9. Starships ~ Nicki Minaj
10. Turn Up The Music ~ Chris Brown

Improving Security At Home

How much do you care about your family? Of course, their security should be your top most priority and as much as possible you keep them away from any sense of danger especially if you're not around. We cannot deny the fact that there are so many burglars, thieves or other sort of goons lurking everywhere seeking for opportunity to enter your house and do what they desired to do. Locking your doors and windows and having a dog outside is pretty much ideal for your house protection but these are not good enough to secure your home. We should not underestimate these burglars nowadays. They do have their own way now to enter your house without being noticed by anyone else. They are now aware of those alarms and how to get rid of being caught. What you need right now is a more secured protection. You can install hidden cameras at home to check and survey every corner of your house for any suspicious movements. TO make it more effective, why not use those spy cameras which are hardly noticeable and no one will suspect that a camera is being installed inside. You can have those wall clock hidden camera for your living room to detect any suspicious movements or those alarm clock hidden camera for your bed room (where we usually store our valuables) . Funny but you can use these cameras for your kids as well to monitor them while you are not around. Who knows, they might be holding a party without your knowledge? haha

Friday, February 10, 2012

To Warm Me Up

I used to wake up 2 am in the working to prepare my things before going to wo0rk. My shift starts at 6 am so i really have to wake up that early to avoid myself from getting late. I have 1 hour to prepare for everything and i have to be going around 3 am because if not, traffic will start to build up and i will be in a big trouble if ever. Anyway, i really don't mind waking up that early cause i got used to it already but it's just too stressing that i had to boil a pot of water everyday (which took most of my time every morning) to mix it with the freezing water i got in our bathroom before taking a bath. I just can't bear with that freezing cold water from the shower so i have to think of ways to warm myself. We just found the water heater leaking a few months ago so we didn't use it since then cause we're afraid that it cause us any trouble. We do not get much time to ask for someone to fix it either. They said that this leakage can damage your household easily that's why it should be checked in a regular basis to ensure if there's a possible leaking. Of course, fixing the heaters can be a "DO It Yourself" task as long as you have the skill and the right equipments to do such chore but if you do not have such skill, then better not to risk it and ask for an expert to fix it properly. Anyway, since we haven't find anyone yet to fix the heater, i have to bear with the hot water routine that i have.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Sister a year from Now

A year from now, my sister Mirasol will be graduating from high school and she will soon be heading to college to take the career path that she wanted to achieved. As of now, we do not know what exactly she will be taking on college but i have a gut feeling that she will be taking a nursing course because i remember she has mentioned something about it before. But of course, by a year from now, there is no assurance that she will be sticking to her first choice. We cannot tell if she will be influenced by her peers or she will realize something that she can excel on a certain field. But choosing a health care career is definitely a good choice! Well first because nurses are highly in demand here and abroad which can give her an opportunity to work in a highly compensated companies. Having a nurse or any medical related profession in your family is such a great help too because you know there is someone to look after you when you’re sick. I wish i could take her to a nice school like that medical school san jose in California which offer a high quality education and known for producing great and professional nurses. Anyway, it is too early for me to conclude that she will be taking a nursing course next year. It will still depend on her own preferences and we will respect no matter what path will she would like to take.

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