Friday, February 10, 2012

To Warm Me Up

I used to wake up 2 am in the working to prepare my things before going to wo0rk. My shift starts at 6 am so i really have to wake up that early to avoid myself from getting late. I have 1 hour to prepare for everything and i have to be going around 3 am because if not, traffic will start to build up and i will be in a big trouble if ever. Anyway, i really don't mind waking up that early cause i got used to it already but it's just too stressing that i had to boil a pot of water everyday (which took most of my time every morning) to mix it with the freezing water i got in our bathroom before taking a bath. I just can't bear with that freezing cold water from the shower so i have to think of ways to warm myself. We just found the water heater leaking a few months ago so we didn't use it since then cause we're afraid that it cause us any trouble. We do not get much time to ask for someone to fix it either. They said that this leakage can damage your household easily that's why it should be checked in a regular basis to ensure if there's a possible leaking. Of course, fixing the heaters can be a "DO It Yourself" task as long as you have the skill and the right equipments to do such chore but if you do not have such skill, then better not to risk it and ask for an expert to fix it properly. Anyway, since we haven't find anyone yet to fix the heater, i have to bear with the hot water routine that i have.

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