Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ideal Activity For Summer

Summer is not yet over and I bet most of you guys are looking for some recreational activities to keep yourself busy and enjoyed at the same time. For moms, it is nice to find a great hobby that you have never tried before. If you are into sewing or craft making, you would probably consider sewing or knitting your little girls dresses. Interestingly, there are so many sewing projects to choose from and all you have to do is to express the best of your creativity and explore your imagination in order to come up with something nice and appealing. If you doesn't have any idea or you don't know where and how to start your project. You are always free to check the web and search some creative projects. You can also drop by at for more Do it Yourself Crafts or you can check some interesting video tutorials on Youtube. You might want to begin it by learning how to sew a zipper like pro. You can check this video with a very detailed explanation on how to effectively sew a zipper.
Sewing is just one of the things you can do this summer. You can have it as a hobby or you might want to apply it someday in a professional way and who knows, you can start a business from it too. Well have fun and good luck!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Life After the Graduation

March is about to end and it is also the time where students are about to wear their toga ( a term used here in my country for Academic Dresses). It is graduation month indeed and I remember those happy moments when I was walking up on stage with my mom while taking my very own diploma. Of course, as what they always say, graduating college is not the end of your path. It might took you 16 consecutive years before arriving on that moment but that doesn't mean it is over. In fact, your life is just about to begin. After graduating college, that is the time where you have to get the job according to your profession. This is the time where you have to apply everything that you have learned from your lessons. It is a challenging task indeed but if you achieved your desired position or job, it will leave a very overwhelming and rewarding feeling.
Unfortunately, the growing rate of Unemployment is very alarming and it is quite sad that after sacrificing 16 years of studying, you will end up with nothing. Patience is a virtue as what they say but in this kind of matter, I don't think this quote is very applicable. I remember when I was in fourth year college, a group of companies visited our school to invite us to be a part of their companies. Some of my classmates managed to be accepted after our graduation while some of us don't. The good thing here is that online recruitment agencies are ready to help us to find our desired jobs easily. There are plenty of graduate jobs in recruitment and I bet a huge percentage of companies are looking for fresh graduates. However, keep in mind that once you get hired, you do not have to stop yourself from working hard and in fact, you have to try even more in order to make a good working impression which could eventually lead to promotion. Good luck!
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