Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wise Decision

So lucky of my Uncle to have this brand new White Honda Civic. This photo on the left was taken on their house blessing ceremony. They also grab the opportunity to show us their newly buy car. Well, it's not really brand new. This car is a second hand car that they bought from their very close friend. Well, i am not a car enthusiast but i can say that they really made a wise and practical decision of buying this car. Uncle Greg showed us the engine and it seems pretty good. Most of the parts are upgraded even the exhaust! Well, i'm sure this car performs well. According to him, the previous owner is not using this car so often that's why it seems like so brand new. Well, i wish i could buy one too and i wish i could own at least any of the cars that i saw in a magazine. If i am just a millionaire, i will definitely buy a luxury car like a limousine or Mercedes van. Okay, I know i must be dreaming but even though i can't buy a luxury car for my own and i can still have a chance to ride on it and use it to attend a social events! Yup! It is possible through services like the Limo Portland Car rental services in Oregon. So go ahead and experience the royalty by renting a luxury car!

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