Sunday, January 23, 2011

The heat is On!

The long wait is over as American Idol Season 10 has begun! I've been waiting for this season to come. Well, As usual, we will be tracking down the show and will give you updates about it. So make sure you follow this blog for the latest American Idol update okay? Anyway, this season is really something new. Well, first because this is the first season that we will not be seeing Simon Cowell on the judges table. That's definitely a bad news for us but absolutely a good news to all the Idol hopefuls because they will no longer receive those heart breaking and harsh comments from the former resident judge. Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler will be replacing Simon, Kara and Ellen Degeneres. Randy Jackson on the other hand will still be a part of the show. American Idol premiered last week and they are currently on the audition round to gather some wonderful talents from each states. I am really excited about this! The next episode will be this coming Thursday so that's four days to go! So for the meantime while waiting, i guess i will be keeping my self busy for awhile in playing my favorite Online Casino game. I am really enjoying these online casino games lately. It was my cousin who encouraged me to play this game and now, it seems that i am hooked to it. I used to play it during my free time at the office and at home too. My cousin used to give me some useful and effective tips to maximize my chances of winning and believe me guys, it's working! But of course, just like what they said about casino, the luck will not always be in your hands. If you are winning the game consecutively, it doesn't mean that you will be winning it again the other day. Just play moderately and wisely!

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