Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Part of the Team!!

Okay, you know guys that I am not that athletic type of guy. i don't even pay too much attention in the latest sport happenings that's why it's kinda rare to me to buzz something about sports in my blogs. Well, today is kinda special. Believe it or not, i will be joining our University team to compete for a sport competition. Yup! You heard that right. However, it's not the typical type of sports. No it's not basketball nor Soccer. The sport that i will be joining at is called Sepak Takraw. It is a native sport originated in Malaysia and is also known as Kick Volleyball. Well, it means that i will be kinda busy this following weeks before i have to practice so badly in order to prove to my friends that i can be good in something other playing video games. Well, speaking of video games, i just played Final Fantasy Dissidia yesterday and was able to finish the game in no time hahaha. So i guess they are pretty right about me when they say that i am really good in video gaming huh? I guess i won't be playing any video games these following weeks because of my upcoming game since they consume a lot of time and may ruin my schedule but i guess i can still play some Online gambling games since they do not take a lot of time in playing. Especially now that i discovered a cool casino site yesterday while I'm surfing the web. The site is like a database of all the reliable online casinos on the web and it also provides casino reviews to serve as your guide. Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday and I am scheduled to have a practice with my taem mate. (Whew! I can't believe i am saying these words Should i be very proud of it? haha)

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