Sunday, January 16, 2011

High School Reunion

The photo above was taken few months ago as we held our very first High School reunion. Well, we had so much fun there and we're very happy to see each other faces again. It's been five years and i guess our batch really deserve a reunion. The event was held very successfully and most of us are present! Some of my classmates are missing but according to our organizer, most of them are either working abroad or staying there for good. They tried to contact them and it sounds like we will have another reunion this year! We are very excited to see the others and to see if they are still look the same. High School is probably the most exciting and happiest moments in my life. Our home works and exams might be a little bit pressuring but not as worst as what i am experiencing now in my masteral course in college. Sad, but we have to accept the fact that we will all be leaving each other and take our own paths in life.
I can say that i a frustrated nurse. I really want to take the Nursing course but for some reason, i took Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. I really don't have a stable plan at that time and i am quite confused whether what course to take. Nursing is really my top priority but my feet is taking me to the path where i am now. Maybe this is not an accident or a wrong decision. Maybe, it is my destiny to become a teacher. Well, i started to love teaching and i do accept tutorial services too to help me with my extra expenses. I cannot say that i am a passionate teacher but i can say that i am trying my best to become one.

Anyway, back to the reunion thing. The photo above are my classmates wearing their medical scrubs. Most of my classmates took Nursing Course while others are now into Engineering field. Every time i see them wearing these nursing uniforms scrub, i started to feel kinda jealous, wishing and hoping that someday i could wear those scrubs and do the nursing things. It's like my childhood dream to become a nurse or a doctor. I remember mom used to buy me some toy doctor tools and let me play them. I remember they took a video of me playing those toys an acting like a professional doctor. Well, it's life! There's no such thing as constant in this world. Everything changes from time to time and we can do nothing about it. And besides, being a teacher is not bad at all. In fact, that is something that i should be very proud of.

These guys above are also my former high school classmates who are currently working on the same hospital. The one from the left is Miko and he's my best friend. He will be celebrating his birthday this coming February and i should buy something for him since he gave me a wallet on my last birthday and i should pay back the price. Well, i think of buying mens scrubs for him but i just don't know his size. Maybe i'll ask him without telling the actual reason. What yah think? Anyway, i better go to sleep now, I have so many lesson plans to do and i should not be stressing my self out. Have a great day everyone and happy blogging.

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