Monday, January 31, 2011

Dvd Marathon

Cousin Ichan went to visit us yesterday to spend his weekend vacation with us. We grabbed that opportunity to watch our favorite movies together. Yup! We had dvd marathon yesterday and we were able to watch 5 films consecutively. Good thing mom is too busy with her Tamales business and she failed to notice that we've been watching tv for more than 10 hours straight. What are the movies that we have watched? Well, Ichan is a big fan of Japanese Anime so 2 out of the five movies we’ve watched are anime which includes Hell Girl and Death Note. Hell Girl is a compilation of self contained short stories, focusing on the existence of a website that allows people to take revenge by sending them in Hell. Death Note on the other hand is a story of a young boy who found a Death Note, a notebook that allows you to write name of the person that you want to die. The moment you wrote the name, the person will suffered and die immediately. Both of these anime movies are simply fantastic.
Well, we failed to catch some new movies in theaters so we’re very thankful that we can still watch them through dvd. In fact, I feel more comfortable watching them at home because I feel more relax and I don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear. Anyway, the rest of the movies are Resident Evil: Afterlife, Flipped, and My Girl. I am a big Resident Evil fan and I never missed any installment in both game and film series. I don’t mind watching this film over and over again and besides, Milla Jovovich did well in portraying her role as Alice. Flipped is a love story about Bryce and Juli Baker. If you’re missing those “love-hate” relationship in the movies, then Flipped is a movie that is worth watching for. My Girl is actually my favorite film of all time. It is a 1991 film top billed by Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin. I just love this film and it really brought me to tears. Good thing mom was able to find a Dvd copy of it. Anyway, we’re looking forward to some new dvd releases for this month. I guess it calls for another dvd marathon with Ichan huh? Haha. Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

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