Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goal this Year

I was very blessed last year because i was able to buy most of the things that i want including my New HP laptop. I've been targeting this laptop since 2009 but i failed to buy one that year because i had some financial difficulties. I also got new Sony Cybershot last year which is also one of my ultimate dreams.
Time really run out so fast and i just couldn't imagine that we just celebrated the new year last week. Anyway, it's been a tradition to me already to set up my goals every new year. Setting goals help me a lot to get more motivated in my work and help me keep going.
Well, this year my main target is something for my self, i really want to buy an IPad. I know it's kinda impossible for me to buy such an expensive gadget like this but there's nothing wrong in hoping right? I'll do my best to have this gadget. I'll be working much harder to earn more money, i will start a small business, or join some well trusted cash gifting programs.
Involving yourself in such networking business might be very risky if you do not know the company that you are dealing with. So before participating, better conduct some research first about the company.
Well, wish me luck guys! How about you, what are your goals for this year?

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