Monday, July 11, 2011


"Treat Her Like a Lady" is the last single from Céline Dion's album Let's Talk About Love. It was released on March 29, 1999 in Europe."Treat Her Like a Lady" is a cover of the song performed in 1995 by Diana King. Céline Dion co-wrote the track in 1997, changing some lyrics. She recorded it together with King and the American girl group Brownstone who did the backing vocals. The track was later remixed by Ric Wake and the Metro.The single was released between March and June 1999 in Europe, to support the forthcoming Let's Talk About Love Tour. The performance from the tour was included on the Au cœur du stade DVD. "Treat Her Like a Lady" live music video was directed by Gérard Pullicino. It was included on the UK enhanced CD single.The song peaked at number 16 in Austria, number 29 in the UK and number 40 in Ireland. The recording of this track was included as a part of the Au cœur du stade DVD bonus.

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