Saturday, July 9, 2011

Children Photography

My auntie was kinda obsess with photos especially when it comes to his son. She used to save a lot of photos and store them in her photo albums. I'm amazed because she managed to take pictures of her son when he was just a toddler. My cousin is now in college and the only way my aunt can recall those moments that she spent with her son is by looking at those precious photos of her.
They said that children photography is one of the hardest type especially on toddlers because they occasionally cry or have tantrums. They don't even know how to focus because their paying attention in so many things that's why most moms who want to have a nice photo of their kids their their children in a professional studio because those photographers know how to manage such situation.
It sure takes a lot of patience and trials before you can take a good shot of your kids. I have been in a studio before and they usually give the kids some toys or anything else that can focus their attention which will give those photographers a chance to take good shots.
Once you have fantastic photos of your child, you'll feel like you don't want to lose them and that's exactly what my Auntie did.
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