Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marble and Granite Finishing, which is the best?

When it comes to finishing materials, only Granite and Marble are considered to meet the so called highest standards. They will make your kitchen more appealing and elegant. Most modern kitchens and bathrooms have either marble or granite finishing. They are indeed very in demand today not just because of their extreme qualities that will make your kitchen more appealing but also because of their strong durability that no other materials can provide.
Well, witch among Granite and marvel provide the best quality? They said that both provide the same but granite is considered much better because marble is more porous which is therefore much prone to staining but of course it depends upon how frequently you maintain it.
Like ceramic and vinyl tiles, both of them have huge varieties, colors and designs too, giving you a more creative and artistic outlook for your beloved kitchen. I think it doesn't matter whether you choose Marble or granite for your kitchen, what matters most is that you regularly keep them clean.
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1 comment:

Raffy said...

I like granite more. Masyadong nagmumukhang luma yung marble kapag matagal na unlike granite.

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