Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"A World to Believe In" is the second single released in Japan from Céline Dion's album Taking Chances. The song, originally performed in English by Dion only, was re-recorded as a duet with the Japanese singer Yuna Ito, and released as a CD single on January 16, 2008. The Japanese title means "As Long as You are with Me." "A World to Believe In" was written by Tino Izzo and Rosanna Ciciola, and produced by Grammy Award-winner John Shanks. The track was re-recorded in October 2007 as an English-Japanese duet with Yuna Ito, retitled as "あなたがいる限り: A World to Believe In." Dion was impressed when she heard Ito's cover of "My Heart Will Go On", featured on the Japan only released tribute album Tribute to Céline Dion from September 26, 2007, and proposed the idea of the duet together. The song was also featured on Ito's album, Wish. The single debuted at number 8 on the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart with 11,778 copies sold. In its second week it dropped to number 22 with 5,399 copies. After eight weeks the single has sold 24,105 copies in total. On the Oricon Daily Singles Chart the song peaked at number 6

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