Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"Tell Laura I Love Her," a teenage tragedy song written by Jeff Barry and Ben Raleigh, was an American Top Ten popular music hit for singer Ray Peterson in 1960 on RCA Victor Records, reaching #7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Later that same year, the song was recorded and released by Ricky Valance in the United Kingdom, where it went all the way to the #1 spot in the UK Singles Chart. "Tell Laura I Love Her" has been a hit in 14 countries, and has sold over seven million copies."Tell Laura I Love Her" is the tragic story of a teenage boy named Tommy who is desperately in love with a girl named Laura. Although they are only teenagers, he wants to marry her, so he enters a racing car championship, planning to use the prize money to buy Laura a wedding ring if he wins. The second verse tells the mysterious story of how the boy's car overturned after being t-boned at a roundabout and burst into flames - no-one knows why - and the boy was killed, his last words being "Tell Laura I love her...my love for her will never die". In the final verse, Laura prays inside the chapel, where an organ plays, and she can still hear Tommys voice exclaiming the title song one more time, before it fades out.

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