Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Medical Malpractices

We keep hearing news about some medical malpractices where doctor, surgeons or other related fields failed to perform their duties well. There's no such thing as excuses when it comes to a sensitive medical operation. Doctors were trained for such a long period of time and they have no rights to be on that position unless they really master their skills and profession. Surgeons for example should treat their patients as exactly what the patients want that is why it is quite alerting to see those medical malpractices which ruined their patients figure. I remember there was a report about a woman who undergone cosmetic surgery but ends up with a disastrous outcome. Same thing goes with major operating procedures like hip transplant for example. Hip Transplant is such a sensitive operation and any single mistake on the operation will take the patient into a nightmare. Well, good thing they can fight for their rights by filing DePuy hip lawsuit against those irresponsible doctors. We should all be aware of these issues and we have to make sure that we will be dealing with a well trusted doctors or surgeons before undergoing any medical operation.

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