Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Friday Shopping Rush

We only have few days left before the much awaited Shopping rush of the year! It’s Black Friday next week and i assumed most of you are preparing your budget to shop for toys and other Christmas items. Black Friday is considered as one of the busiest shopping season of the year. This is the day when business establishments, malls and other shopping centers cut off the prices of some selected items on such a very low price. It is not surprising to see a huge crowd waiting for the mall to open. Well, we cannot blame the crowd especially that most items can be bought in such a very low prize that’s why they are grabbing this once a year opportunity to shop at a very low cost. I hate shopping a lot but when it comes to Black Friday, i just can’t miss the event and go to the nearest mall and shop.
Malls every Black Friday open as early as 4 am and i just hope they will assign some crowd control agents to prevent any worst case scenario including the possible stampede. Or maybe they can place some equipment there to organize the event properly and safely. Besides, they can just put some barricades so that people can be aware that they are not allowed to go to the other side and vice versa.
The huge amount of crowd are hard to control but the mall can still protect some of their items by placing stanchions and velvet rope around the selected item to protect it from getting damage. Black Friday is such a great event but everybody is panicking or rushing around just to get their desired item, the event can be disastrous. So in order to prevent any worst case scenario, I think the mall should do some crowd control practices and actions. And of course, we buyers should practice self discipline too to make this event entertaining and safe.

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