Sunday, November 21, 2010

A trouble Along the Way

I just went to a party last Friday and i was able to see some of my friends and former high school classmates on that event. I also get a chance to see their cars. In fact, we had a discussion about their autos and tell us how much they've bought it. It is very undeniable that all of us there love cares and it's funny to see how serious they face whenever they heard something about cars. LOL. One of them told us that he just bought a new car accessory and upgraded his gps system for his car. I do not have a car of my own but my dad used to let me borrow his Honda Civic every time i will be attending a special occasion like this. I remember one day, i borrowed his car and drive it all the way to Baquio City. However, while i was on the middle of my driving, the engine starts to malfunction for some reason. I do not know how to fix any car related problems so i just ask for help from an auto repair shop. I am very thankful that i was able to seek help from a repair shop like that auto repair spokane has. they were able to fix the issue in no time and i was able to go back safe and sound. Oh i didn't tell this to my dad too LOl so that he can let me borrow this car again.

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