Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion od the Past Decades

Styles and fashions keep on evolving from time to time. Hair styles most especially, changes every decades. Each decade had its own unique style and they come in every shape, color and material you can imagine. Remember that curls and bangs of the 60’s, the retro style of the 70’s, the punky and futuristic hairs of the 80’s (think of Cyndi Lauper), the simple and neat style of the 90’s and the modern hair styles of today. You can even change your hair color using those hair dyes. From brunette, you can change your hair into blonde in an instant. But we have to be very careful in using hair dyes because the frequent use of such product can cause dry hair. Dry hair can make you feel itchy and uncomfortable. It makes your hair dull and frizzy. Other chemicals that can damage your hair aside from hair dyes include bleach, perms, relaxers and straighteners. Well in every problem, there’s always a solution. You can remedy your dry hair using specialized dry hair products. These dry hair products will moisturized your hair and bring its normal and healthy condition. Being “in” is not bad as long as you know how to handle it properly.
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