Friday, March 16, 2012

Mobile and Infrared Saunas

I was watching a magazine show when a very interesting news caught my attention. It's all about this very unique mobile sauna of Finland. I have heard that there are some mobile saunas in US too which is very amazing. As what the term suggests, mobile saunas are saunas on wheels. Just think of the RV! Like those Recreational Vehicles which are complete with all those living amenities like kitchen, living room and bath room , these mobile saunas offer almost the same facility that a real sauna has.
Well, I have been to a sauna before and I really had a nice experience there too. But have you ever though of having your very own sauna at home? Is it possible? Yes it is! You can have those commercial infrared sauna(s).
This infrared sauna(s) uses infrared radiant heat unlike the those typical ones which uses air or steam to warm the body. It's very recommendable for busy people who can afford to have much time to visit a sauna. Aside from the convenience, these saunas is well known for their durability as well. It offers a nice and inviting design and whether you're aiming to have shabby , contemporary or modern style for your house, it will surely suits perfectly .
So would you like to have these saunas at home? Why not right?

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