Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ignorance is not an Excuse

Oh this is great. I can't Imagine that I'm commuting again. Well, it's my fault and I should have brought the car to an auto repair shop much earlier. You wouldn’t dare to ride on a bus when you’re here in our place! The traffic is terribly irritating. It took me almost 3 hours just to reach the office compare to the one and a half hour driving using my car. Well buses usually have their own route… and you have no choice but to deal with even though it will took most of your time.Well, you can't blame them, they have to earn and they need a lot of passengers in order to do that.
So what happened to my car? Well, it all started in some sort of engine failures but since i thought it was just okay and it was just a minor issue, i just left it as is but i never thought that my ignorance will brought bigger disaster. My engine suddenly stop working and I'm clueless on what's the main issue was. And since my car don't have insurance yet, i have to pay for all the repairs...sigh.
Good thing I managed to find an auto repair shop near my place. So i called them to pick up my car and to ask them for the repair. Unfortunately, they can't fix the car over night. They explained the reason to me but I can't understand any single word from them since i really don't know anything about cars. Hahah I just know how to drive and that's all.
I'm not sure if they're reliable or not but I hope the service they have will be the same as the service offered at ChazAuto, they are known for being the best Auto Repair Shop in Oregon and hopefully I will receive the same quality but for the meantime, i have no choice but to commute and bear with the heavy traffic.. :(

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