Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Ideal Bathroom

What is your ideal bathroom? I'm always dreaming to have a clean and nice-looking bathroom. I know for some of you, bathroom is not a big deal. I know this may sounds weird but every time i visit a friend's house or every time i check in at some hotel whether it's a budget hotel or a luxury one, the first thing that i check as i enter the room is the bathroom. That's really important to me because that is the best way to measure the cleanliness of the entire house. If you find it a bit messy or disgusting, then most likely the personality of the owner is the same LOL. Yup, it sounds funny but it's true. The house itself, in general, reflects the personality of it's owner. I may not have the cleanest bathroom around here but i try to make sure that i will always feel comfortable with it and it really matters to me. What makes a bathroom clean for me? Well of course, i don't want to see some spots on the floor tiles. Also, i want a the toilet bowl to be spotlessly clean too. And also, the most important thing of all, NO UNPLEASANT SMELL coming out from either the sink or the toilet bowl itself.
If there's an unpleasant smell or if there are some dark spots on the floor, then most likely there's a serious plumbing issue that has to be fixed. You should not ignore it or else it will just make the condition worst and you will end up spending a lot of money fixing it.
If you saw these signs, then immediately contact a plumber. Make sure that he's a professional one for a satisfying work.
Getting a professional Plumbing Service is a must. The reason why we have to hire professional plumber is that they can tell where exactly the issue is coming from and they are also well trained in such kind of work.
How about you, what is your ideal bathroom? What is the first thing that you do whenever there's a plumbing issue in your bathroom? Feel free to share your thoughts here.

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