Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Ideal House

We all want the best for our house and as much as possible we want it to look more appealing than ever. I'm not sure if you guys care about the kind of finishing you have in your house but as for me, i'm really aiming to have a nice finishing. They said that a house reflects the personality of the its owner and i do believe on that. Your visitors, whether we like it or not, will somehow judge you simply by looking at your house. Well, I know you should not be so affected by their criticism knowing that it's your house and they have nothing to do with it. But receiving compliments from them is such a great feeling, don't you think?
And besides, you're also the once who can benefit from it. Who among us will refuse to live in a nice place. I want to have an ambiance that will suit my taste and my personality as well. I do not stay so often in the kitchen knowing that i'm not into cooking and the only thing i know how to cook are fried dishes and boiled eggs (hahaha what a shame)
But if I'm going to renovate the room, i would love to have a nice and glossy kitchen countertops. I'm sure my mom will become more motivated about it and in return, she will cook all her specialties since the kitchen will give him more inspiration.
Anyway, I better start saving now so that I can have my ideal house in the near future.

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