Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Way Back Then

Gosh!Is it just me? I'm feeling so old today! I was browsing some of my old photos in my Facebook account when all of a sudden i found this funny picture of me and my cousin Ichan.Look how adorable he is way back then. We used to spend some time together playing our favorite toys. I remember he used to play his favorite toy robot and her mom used to buy her with some cool kiddie stuffs as well.
And now look how mature he is! He just graduated from HighSchool last week and they are inviting me to attend the after-party celebration this coming Friday. Yikes! I should give him something special since it's been awhile since we last met. And the worst, i can't give him kiddie stuffs anymore. He's way too old to play toys and he will not be able to appreciate such gifts. This is a big challenge to me and i should come up with something better. Since Ichan is not that kid that I used to play with anymore, maybe i can buy something appropriate for his age.
A gadget maybe? I saw some cool ipods online but the price is not really amusing and it's gonna ruined my monthly budget. Well unless i get Payday Advance loan right? I need to buy something special for him and something that he can treasured like Ipod! Most teenagers today are so hooked with this gadget so definitely, this is the best thing i can ever offer to him. And since i only have 3 more days left, i better get the loan from a lending company that offers No Fax Payday Loan! You'll get approved here in an instant and it is really advisable for someone who is in need of a fast cash like me! Will buzz more about the party and will share some photos too so watch out for it.

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