Saturday, April 30, 2011

Go Natural!

Bigger windows are not just meant for decoration purposes only, they are actually made for some other eco-friendly reasons as well. Some people chose to have bigger windows at home not just to make their house looks wider but also to allow natural light to pass through inside their house.
So what's with this natural light and what makes it Eco-friendly? Well, as what the term "Natural Light" suggests, it provides natural lighting which means, you do not have to turn the electric lights on. Electric lights emit Carbon which is harmful to our environment and is one of the major contributing gases that causes global warming. Aside from being eco-friendly, you can also save money from it since your electric consumption is being minimized.
The only disadvantage of having these bigger windows at home is the difficulty in maintenance. It is really hard to maintain this window and cleaning them will eat most of your time. Not to mention the risk and the danger of cleaning those hard to reach areas. In this case, it is better to let the experts do the job for you. Window Cleaning Portland in Oregon is a perfect example of Company that provides high quality cleaning services. They have all the equipments you need for cleaning such huge windows.
If you want to have this natural lighting at home, then you have to clean the windows in a regular basis to produce satisfying results. The cleaner the window, the lighter your house will be.

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