Saturday, April 30, 2011

Business is A Game

As you all know, mom has a small business of her own in which she started last year. So far, everything is doing well with her Small Tamales Business. Tamales is a Mexican dish made from grained rice and peanut and a little bit spicy in taste. This is actually my mom's specialty that she inherited from my grandma's own recipe. The business turned out pretty well until now and she keep on receiving orders here and abroad. She was actually planning to take this more seriously though she's not really sure whether she will lend a big amount of money for her capital or she will just stay as simple as it is now. Just like we know, business is like a game and the luck is not always on your hand.
It is more of taking risk and it is up to you on how brave you are to face it. If it works out, then good for you. All you have to do is to maintain it and apply good marketing strategy to keep your business on tract. But if you failed, then there is a tendency to face the business most critical point which is the Bankruptcy. I'm sure this is the biggest fear of all business owners and they will do all their best just to prevent it from happening. Yes, you can have another chance but if you failed again , then you have to accept the fact that the business that you established is not as attractive as the others. What makes it more devastating is the fact that you are going to pay all your debts, obligations and responsibilities. This is the reason why you have to file Bankruptcy report to save you from paying these debts.
Well this is exactly what my mom is fearing about but then again, business is a game and you have to be prepared whether it will turn out as a success or failure.

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