Saturday, April 9, 2011

Her Business Plan

I have heard that my cousin Jenny is planning to start a small business. She gave up her job to focus more on her family especially now that she just gave birth to her very first baby girl. Her hubby is now working abroad and the one who support them financially, however, i know my cousin Jenny a lot! She's a workaholic She's been working in that previous company for almost ten years and she has unbreakable working experience and achievements from it already and I know for sure that she will not give up her work as easy as like that, I'm sure sh'll find ways to keep her self busy again. And i am so right about it! She's now planning to start this small catering business nearby her house and she's planning to take it seriously. It might be a new field for her but I now she can do this job very effectively. However, there is only one problem! She is now facing a financial problem after being scammed by an investment company 2 years ago which resulted for series of unpaid debts. They managed to pay them all after finding a good companies for both of them. However, this issue left a bad credit history on their account, making it hard for them to apply for any small or personal loans.
Though i have heard that there are lending companies that offer installment loans and loans for bad credit. This kind of loan will allow them to borrow money from a lending company despite of having bad credit history on their account. My cousin Jenny is very eager to start this new business and i will definitely recommend her this personal loans for bad credit to help her out with her business plans. And knowing that her hubby is now working abroad and is now receiving stable income, I'm sure she can pay this loan with no ease.

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