Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Being a Call Center Agent

As all you know, i am previously working as a call center agent and this photo above is exactly where i take in calls and do my best to resolved their concerns. I am really missing my colleagues and i wonder if they are still working on that company or they were transferred to another employer. I gave up this job because i can't handle the stress on working in a graveyard shift and i can't also take any irate callers any more. I know that is a sign of being so unprofessional. I know that my supervisor always remind us not to take calls personally no matter how irate the customers are or how much they yell on us or how much they humiliated our personality. These things made me resign my job. I know i am highly compensated here compare to the other companies that i have worked with but i really have no choice and i have to follow my heart and besides, it is not about the money after all, it's all about the passion and it is very important that you love what you are doing.
Anyway, i'm always wondering how multi millionaire the owners of this kind of industry. Knowing that we are receiving good salary from them and we received a lot of benefits and bonuses too. These companies might be earning so well from this business and i wonder how much capital did they lend to make this business running. Take note that they have to provide each agents a cubicle, a computer set, and more! And we all know how expensive those computers are and also the software that will run the entire telecommunication system. Don't you think they started having this business by simply renting equipments from a Equipment Leasing company at the beginning and purchased them later? It is not impossible! I have heard a lot of business doing the same thing. I also heard how in demand this service is nowadays. You can check to see how exactly this equipment leasing works and see how much it can help you to improve your business.

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