Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Completely Done

You guys are aware about the recently done renovation in our house. I am so happy to tell you that we are completely done with it. All rooms have been painted and all things that have to be replaced and fixed are done. We also bought new set of furniture for our living and dining room. I thought the renovation will took forever. I remember how irritated I am to see all those mess while the renovation is going on. Not to mention the non-stop banging of hammer from here and there. But the long wait is truly worth it as we see the very satisfying outcome of it. However, i am not in favor with the wooden furniture bought by my dad. I guess, we should have bought modern and contemporary furniture instead. And it is also quite conflicting to the modern lighting that we have in our living room. Anyway, i guess it is too late for me to complain. Maybe i will just convince them to replace it whenever they decided to make another renovation in our house. Wish me luck!

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