Friday, January 29, 2010

Yoostar Sensation

I guess many of you have heard about this newest gadget sensation known as “Yoostar”. Almost everyone is getting crazy about this cool video-based interactive entertainment system. Well, I cannot blame them because it’s true that nothing can be more exciting than inserting your self into a movie or television scenes and perform and act with the film’s actors and actresses. Take note, these are not just ordinary movies, these are blockbuster movies and working with great and high-profile actors is definitely a great experience. Yoostar has software that will allow you to edit a certain movie, replace a certain character, insert your self within and act with the film’s original actors. Just treat your self like a star and act confidently as if you are working with some Oscar award winning movies like “The Terminator”, "The Godfather", “Titanic” and more!
Yoostar will definitely give you more than just a tv or movie experience. You can own a Yoostar for as low as $169.95! It is also a very ideal gift for your movie-lover friends! So go ahead and own this video-based interactive entertainment system, prepare a breathe taking script, act with your favorite actor, do a movie of your own because in Yoostar You Star!

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