Friday, January 8, 2010


"Over It" is the first single to be released from the eponymous album by Katharine McPhee, the American Idol season five (2006) finalist. The song was reportedly described by McPhee as "the only real pop song on the record" and as being "a very sultry song about young love". In the song, McPhee sings over a sultry beat driven by acoustic guitars about letting go of the person one loves because one does not share the same feeling. The narrator complains about how their lover cheats on them, and is betraying their trust. The song is somewhat tongue-in-cheek in that McPhee describes several qualities about her ex-boyfriend, while at the same time she seems to fixate on them, showing she is not fully over him. "Over It" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 48 on the chart for the week ending February 17, 2007. It peaked at number 29. The song has sold over 522,000 downloads and was certified Gold in 2008.

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