Thursday, November 26, 2009


Honestly, I am not into gardening becuase i am not a "green thumbed" person and my time is not enough to manage everything. Last year, my auntie went back from Canada and bought us some gardening equipments. According to her, it would be better for us to learn such thing as gardening as it is a perfect hobby that will make us feel so relax and unwind after seeing those wonderful ornamental plants. It is true that having a colorful garden which is filled with different ornamental plants sounds good. It will also establish a great and very relaxing ambiance.
After my Auntie left us and went back to Canada, she leave all those heavy and bulky gardening equipments to us. Honestly, we are having a hard time looking for a place where to store these equipments. The space in our garage is not enough to accommodate them and i guess what we need is a metal garden shed to store everything into one place.
These metal sheds will protect these equipments from rusting and too much exposure into sun. Aside from these, i can also place my mountain bike inside this metal shed to lessen the occupied space in our garage.

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