Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Song "Cruise Control" is included in Mariah's eleventh studio album entitled E=MC2.Cruise Control is the first ever reggae song from Mariah Carey. She experiments for the first time with reggae tones on "Cruise Control" and also uses a Jamaican patois during the second verse. Patrick Rivers, a CUNY The Advocate reviewer, distinguished it from the other tracks and said; "The appeal of this track is its rhythms, which find a common ground between Southern hip-hop and reggae, as one hi-hat pattern evokes the offbeat rhythm that is usually “skanked” by a guitar in reggae another hi-hat plays the pronounced high-paced sixteenth-note patterns of Southern rap beats"

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foongpc said...

You know, this is my favourite song from her E=MC2 album! I couldn't stop playing this song when I first heard it : )

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