Sunday, November 15, 2009

File Sharing Experience!

I am truly a music lover and i just can't live a day without listening to my MP3. I try to download MP3 files every other two weeks as much as possible. But since the capacity of my MP3 is not enough to support all of my stored files, i have no choice but to remove the old ones and saved in in my hard drive. However, I realized that if I will continue inputting picture files in my hard drive, its capacity will not be enough to support all of my stored files and will make my computer extremely slow. This is the reason why I am very happy to discover MissUpload is a free file hosting site that will allow you to upload your music, picture or movie files without affecting the capacity of your Hard disk.
Did you know that will help you to earn extra money? By simply downloading unique files from their site, you can earn money in an instant! You will get $0.01 for each unique download and file upload you performed. Once you reached their $10 threshold, they will transfer your cash via Paypal. Isn’t that amazing? You can also use your points to convert and purchase their Premium account. Their Premium account will let you download files up to 10,000 Mb per day!
Nothing can be more exciting than earning money while enjoying’s file sharing experience! I think I better start signing up for an account and start earning points. It would be more exciting if I will encourage my friends too!

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