Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding the Right Girl

Well, as what they say, no man is an island! A man will always seek for someone who he can be with for a life time. Someone who will take care of him, someone who will love him, and someone who will be on his side through thick and thin.
Being single or bachelor is nice because you do not have any commitments to fulfilled yet and you do not have any responsibilities over your head but you have to keep in mind that you cannot have this kind of status forever unless you are not really interested in getting into a serious relationship. I, myself, is not getting any younger and I might have to search for someone who i can marry and someone who will love and accept me the way I am. Though I know that I should not seek for it desperately because God has plans for me and I know he will help me find the right girl at the right time.
Well, since i am still single I might have to consider joining some dating websites and meet some new friends and who knows? I might find the girl of my dream over the web right? Though i don't think i will look for any of those available russian brides online because i am not planning to get married yet. Though i know some of my friends found their hubbies and honeys though dating sites as well so I'm sure it is not impossible to happen on my end too.
Anyway, what matters most is you love each other no matter how much boundaries you've e got on your way. For the mean time, let me enjoy m y single status first hehe

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