Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art Crafts and Pottery

My brother and I have been doing different art crafts for the past 3 years and we really have so much fun exerting both of our creativity and artistic side. I am really proud of little brother because at his very young age, we was able to produce great crafts. However, it is pretty sad that i became too busy with my work lately and we can hardly find quality time together to make some new art projects. Maybe I'll wait for my next vacation to make it possible for both of us to continue our hobby.
Actually i was aiming to take this hobby to the next level and have it as good source of income. I have seen some crafts online and most of them are truly hand made and highly personalized. I would like to learn on how make those key-chains and action figures from polymers clay or to discover more about pottery.
I remember, when i was in high school, we had a field trip and they took us on a big pottery business and they showed us how to make one. It's really fun though it might require a big space to occupy the equipments. It's quite messy too so you really have to work for it in huge environment. nevertheless, it is a nice business to work in.
Want to know how far this business can grow? Check the video here below and see successful this wholesale mexican pottery industry is.


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