Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"Video Phone" is a song by American R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles from her third studio album, I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008). The track was released as the eighth single from the album. A remixed version, featuring pop singer Lady Gaga was released later. Musically, the song consists of simple lyrics and hidden innuendos, with Gaga and Beyoncé trading verses with each other, in the remix. The lyrics refer to putting up a show on camera. The song received generally mixed reviews from most of the critics, who noted that Gaga's featured appearance failed to add anything to the tune. A music video was created to accompany the song featuring Gaga. It portrayed her and Knowles in a number of costumes, brandishing colorful guns towards men and paying homage to the film Reservoir Dogs and pinup legend Bettie Page. It received mixed feedback from critics who called it un-interesting, and felt that it did not present anything new. However, they complimented the costumes and the cinematic homage of the video. The video went on to win the BET award for Video of the Year.

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