Monday, October 17, 2011

Lonely Christmas No More

Christmas is quickly approaching and I want to ask you guys how are you gonna spend your Christmas Eve this year? Are you excited because you and your girlfriend will have a very romantic time and date together? Are you guys planning for a special dinner and a movie together? If these are on your plans this coming Christmas eve, then you must be a very lucky guy because for someone like me who is still single, we are dying to have that kind of experience hehe.
Well, as for me, I am really not desperate to find the right girl immediately. I know that the time will come that i will meet that girl. However, I have to admit that there are moments in my life that I am aiming to enter a relationship again.
As a matter of fact, most of friends are setting me for blind dates but i usually refused their offer because I'm not really into it. I'm not really comfortable meeting or even dating someone I do not know much. I actually prefer meeting someone online through dating sites. Not just because I can use the services of those dating sites for free but also because of their amazing features that allow me to chat or communicate with other friend or lover seeker on the web.
I am currently enjoying the services I get from ( my new discovery).
As what the site name connotes, it offers 100% free dating services without any hidden charges.
Members send messages to each other, watch video, write blogs, rate photos and use video chat.
So far, So good! And I am highly recommending it to everyone. Come on give a try guys! You can befriend everyone there and I'm sure you will have fun as well. Who knows, I might meet my date for this coming Christmas Eve and I will have Lonely Christmas no more!

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