Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Passed the Final Interview, Now What's Next?

Finally! I got the call from Tin Tin, the HR Personnel from the company that I am currently applying for. She told me that I passed the final Interview which was held last Thursday and now, I am invited for the contract signing and they will also give the set of requirements that I have to submit. I'm pretty excited now and this is a new industry and a new environment for me that's why I am quite nervous at the same time.
Fortunately, I was able to complete some of the necessary requirements including the Transcript of Record, Police Clearance, my SSS and of course, a certified copy of my birth certificate.(my documents)
So most likely, I just have to renew my NBI (National Bureau And Investigation) Clearance and also to pass their medical exam. I have heard that the NBI Clearance processing might took me more than half a day so i really have to hit their office as early as I can. As for the medical exam, the company is actually referring us to a certain medical clinic. Of course we have to undergo series of medical examination and we have to pass a drug test as well.
Medical exam is actually the most crucial part of any application process because no matter how well you did in the Final interview, they might not hire you if you failed the medical exam.
Medical exam will tell how physically fit you are to work.
Well, I know myself is healthy but that doesn't mean I should be very confident with the medical result. I am acidic so it might affect my urine test. Good thing, I am not taking any medicine right now so I have nothing to worry about the drug test but if ever you guys are in doubt, you can try those cleansing products to detoxify your urine and give you higher chance to pass your drug test.
Oh god, I'm really excited for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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