Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Application Process

Job market is getting tougher and tougher everyday and with the growing issues about unemployment rate all over the globe, things are getting more intense and your chance of being hired is getting smaller. But if you think you really have the guts and they have exactly what they're looking for in a an applicant , well I guess there is no reason for you to worry. However, you have to keep in mind that application is a long process and they are not just relying deeply on your resume, credentials or portfolio.
EXAMS- There will be series of exams to be taken by applicants after passing the initial interview. This will test your skills and how well you know about the field that you are trying to enter. The exams might include psychological and other technical and verbal exams. You have to pass the exams or else you might not get hired. You are lucky enough if they are allowing applicants to retake the exams.
INTERVIEW - After the Brain -draining exams, here comes a nerve wracking job interview in which you will be interviewed by someone who has higher position. It might be the Manager or the head of their Human Resource department. Of course, you have to impress them by showing how attentive you are. Promote yourself in a way that you are not showing over confidence. Make sure that you are properly groomed. Establish Eye to Eye contact during the interview to show how sincere you are to get the job. Be careful with your words and answers because a single mistake might kill your chance of getting hired.
MEDICAL EXAMS - After the Final Interview, the company might request you to submit a medical exam result. Some of them might refer you to a certain clinic or hospital while others are giving you a chance to choose your own clinic. This is actually very crucial because all your hard work might become useless if ever you failed the medical exam. If you're taking drugs, then you might get lower chance to pass the drug test. You really have to pay attention to this and make necessary actions before taking the exams. You might consider taking those cleansing products too to detoxify your body and to give you higher chances to pass the exam. If you are interested on how to pass a drug test - link to mbdetox.com. They got all the information you need and the products you may try to pass a drug test.
TRAINING - After passing all the exams, you will undergo series of training before they can sent you out to the production floor. You have to pass the training as well in order for them to know that you are really qualified for the position.
Good luck everyone! Don't forget to Pray as well!

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