Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Camera is Being Snatched!!!

Remember the Sony CyberShot Camera that I got from my Auntie last year? Oh well, i am so sad to tell you that my beloved gadget was snatched to me while I was on my way to Baclaran. Errr, I really don't have any idea that my backpack was being ripped off and they took my gadget inside. I just realized that it's missing after I got home.
You know how important my camera is. I used to take shots of our Art Crafts and I just can't live without it. Well, maybe God has a reason for it. Who knows, maybe this is a sign that I have to buy a brand new one. Actually, I've been longing to buy a brand new camcorder but I am confused whether I will leave my Sony Cybershot and switch to a latest model or not. And since I lost my camera, I think I have the right reason to purchase a brand new one.
However, the problem right now is to tell which brand should I choose. Should I stick with Sony or should i try a much better brands. Well, I might go online and check some reliable camcorder reviews to help me out finding the right one. Oh and as much as possible, I want something that will give me a nice quality videos and photos but at the same time, it will suit my budget as well. Any suggestions guys? Feel free to share it here and i will definitely appreciate your help. Thanks and happy blogging to all.

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