Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coffee Lover

For a night Shift worker like me, Coffee has been my best buddy haha. Funny but it's true because the only way I can keep myself awake is to drink caffeine. Did you know guys that I used to consume 5 to eight cups of coffee daily? Yup! I know it is kinda unhealthy as it may sound but I really can't help myself not to drink my most favorite beverage of all.
I am really picky when it comes to coffee. As much as possible i want a coffee with a right enough mixture of sweetness and strong coffee taste. This is the reason why i prefer to make my own coffee rather than asking someone to prepare it for me because they just can't get the right mixture and the right blend that I am looking for a coffee.Here's my personal mug by the way. I use no mugs for my coffee other than this one. It was actually given to me by my late Grandma that's why i really treasure this a lot. Anyway, back to coffee, I might consider buying cuisinart coffee maker . Well, first, because i don't have to check if the sugar is right enough or if I put too much coffee in it. It can mix your coffee perfectly, giving you the right blend and that is exactly what I'm looking for.
They said that Tea is much better and obviously healthier than coffee but sorry guys, I just can't take the bitter taste of your tea and I would rather stay with my coffee hehe.
Have a great day and happy blogging to all.

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