Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am a Music Lover

Finally, I was able to get a new phone after that horrible incident last month. Well, i accidentally dropped my phone into water. I am such a clumsy guy but I just can't take replacing my phone over and over again. Can you imagine that this is my fourth time to replace my phone this year! Actually, i didn't use my phone that much when it comes to giving calls or text messaging but I certainly use them to take photos and bring them with me wherever I go. Yup! I often use their features including the camera, the mobile TV , the internet mobile and most especially the music player.
I am such a music lover and I just can't live a day without turning my music player on. It's more like my daily energizer that boosts my strength and making me more productive on my work. However, I am kinda old fashion when it comes to music. No offense guys but I'm really not a big fan of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or even Beyonce! Today's music is nothing to compare with the music of the 80's where ballads and rock are innocent and when the artists do not have to be so daring, strip their shirts off or show off their sexy figure or other nonsense just to showcase themselves. It is a battle of true music indeed that's why even I was not born during that era, I was like emotionally attached to them because I know myself that this is what the so called MUSIC is all About (haha did I sounded like Randy Jackson here LOL)(my phone and my memory card)

Anyway, if you're going to check my phone, you can see that the memory is also filled with music files ranging from 3-5 mb each. Unfortunately, my 2GB memory capacity is not enough to support all those songs so i have to cut them down. Errr, if i only have that 32GB memory card , I'm sure I don't have any reason to worry about. I can definitely download all the songs that I want without worrying about the memory capacity limit.

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