Friday, February 18, 2011

Laptop Vs Desktop

Which do you prefer? A Laptop or a Desktop? This topic is almost like an undying argument everywhere. In fact we had a debate about this in our school telling which gadget performs better, a laptop or a desktop. Well for me it is really a case to case basis and it depends mostly on the user's needs. If you are a one busy person who spend most of his time outside the house or if you are a travel savvy guy, then definitely it is very recommendable for you to have a laptop.
If you work at home and you need a big space for your files and documents, then most likely, what you need is a Desktop.
When it comes to the storage capacity, well desktop can provide you the largest capacity. laptop has limitation when it comes to this. However, if were talking about the portability, well obviously laptop is the solution knowing that you can bring this gadget anywhere as long as you have wireless connection.
Buying a laptop is not that easy too because there are so many brands today in the market to choose from but only few of them are said to be well trusted. It is very advisable to seek some advice first before buying any item. There are some reliable Laptop Reviews sites that you can check on and you can serve them as your guide in buying the right laptop for you. Same thing goes with your desktop.
So my final verdict, no matter if its a desktop or a laptop, both of them are useful in their own special way!

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